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Citizen Initiated Zoning Districts

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Information on the petition process used to create Zoning Districts   |   Map of all Zoning Districts in the County

Zoning Districts (ZDs) need to contain:

  • Defined boundaries containing at least 40 acres
  • Planning goals and objectives
  • District zoning regulations

Additional information on Missoula County Zoning



ZD #4

Adjacent to Pattee Canyon Road, encompassing Arnica Road, Huckleberry Road, Burning Tree Drive, Snowshoe Lane and some of Lupine Road

No Summary   |   Resolution **

ZD #6

East of Russell Street, between Montana Street and Wyoming Street, at the site of Pink Grizzly

No Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #7

Between 7th Street and Spurgin Road, encompassing Norman Drive, Vicki Drive, and some of Tower Street

Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #8

Placid Lake Area   |   Summary   |   Resolution

ZD #8A

Placid Lake Area Sub-district   |   No Summary   |   Resolution

ZD #9

West of Hiberta Street, between 7th Street and Spurgin Road, encompassing all of Gladis Drive

No Summary   |    Resolution *

ZD #10

East of Hiberta Street and West of Reserve Street, between 7th Street and Spurgin Road

Summary   |   Resolution **

ZD #12

East of 31st Avenue and West of Reserve Street, between Spurgin Road and South Avenue

Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #12A

East of 31st Avenue and West of 27th Avenue, between Mount Avenue and Central Avenue

Summary   |  Resolution 219**  |   Resolution 78-126 amending Minimum Lot Size

ZD #13

East of Tower Street and West of Short Street, between Clark Fork River and 7th Street

No Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #14

Kehrwald Drive   |   No Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #18

West of Highway 93, South of Blue Mountain Road and encompassing Wornath Road, Evergreen Road and Forest Hill Lane

Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #25A

Lindbergh Lake and Cygnet Lake    |   No Summary   |  Resolution 

ZD #26

Lake Inez   |   No Summary   |  Resolution and 2006 Amendment

ZD #31

West of Bitterroot River, North of Chief Looking Glass Road and encompassing Leo Hanson Road, Five Wounds Way, Kesa Lane, Carolin Lane, Trudy Lane, Denisa Drive and East Carlton Creek Road

Summary   |   Resolution

ZD #32

South of Pattee Canyon, encompassing Mitten Mountain Road, Larch Camp Road. Solterra Lane

Summary   |   Resolution **

ZD #33

West of Bird Lane, encompassing Moe Road   |   Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #34

East of Shady Lane, North of Highway 10 East and encompassing Buttrey Lane

Summary  |  Resolution *

ZD #35

North of Interstate 90, encompassing Leo-Ray Drive, Donovan Creek Road, Sliderock Drive and Pine Tree

Summary   |   Resolution 

ZD #36

North of Highway 200, South of Blackfoot River and encompassing River Bend Drive

Summary   |   Resolution **

ZD #37

East of Clark Fork River, West of Rustic Road and encompassing Wood Hill Court

Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #38

Upper Grant Creek   |   Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #39

East of Highway 93 and between Blue Mountain Road and Bitterroot River

Summary   |   Resolution *

ZD #40

Lolo   |   No Summary   |   Resolution   

ZD #41

(No Map)

A portion of Lolo. All land west of the center of the Bitterroot River, except the portion east of Tyler Way and south of Phase II of the Lakewood Estates subdivision

No Summary   |   Resolution 84-010 Resolution 84-041

ZD #41A

East of Highway 93, West of Bitterroot River and encompassing Peninsula Place, Lakewood Place and River Drive and some of Red Fox Road

Summary   |   Resolution 84-078  Resolution 95-032

ZD #41B

East of Highway 93, W of Bitterroot River and encompassing some of Red Fox Road and north Lake Side Drive

Summary   |   Resolution   

ZD #42

West of Interstate 90 - Huson Road interchange and between Montana Rail Link and Interstate 90

No Summary   |   Resolution   

ZD #43

East of Highway 93 and north of Blue Mountain Road

No Summary   |   Resolution   

ZD #44

Sleeman Creek Road off Highway 12

No Summary   |   Resolution 2003-027   |   Amending Resolution 2006-106

ZD #46

Ponda Rosa Acres, south of Huson near the Clark Fork River in the Ponda Rosa Acres subdivision

No Summary   |   Resolution   

*Amended to allow Home Occupations   |  Resolution 81-132

**Amended to allow Home Occupations   |   Resolution 2009-131

For property within the city, contact City of Missoula Development Services: 406-552-6630,