Permits & Applications

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Apply for permits online* or use the forms below.

Zoning Compliance Permit (ZCP) - required for projects in zoned areas.

Land Use Permit - required for projects in unzoned areas
A land use permit or a zoning compliance permit is required for any replacement of a mobile home or trailer even if the same footprint is used

Home Occupation Permit - required for home based business in zoned areas

Sign Permit
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*to use the online system, you will need to register or login in to the County Permit System, managed by Public Works.

Other Applications and Forms

Intake Form - request a meeting to discuss one of the projects below

Floodplain Permit: Requirements and Application

Shoreline Construction Permit

Land Use Complaint

Buildings for Lease or Rent   |   PDF   |   Word   |   may be required for projects in unzoned areas when more than three buildings are proposed

County Board of Adjustment

Part 1 Zoning

Subdivision Applications

*Posting updated applications as they become available. Please contact the office if a form you need is not available.

Rezoning Application


More information on project fees.

Submit permits and application email, drop off at the Community and Planning Services department, or mail to 200 West Broadway, Missoula, MT 59802.

For property within the city, contact City of Missoula Development Services: 552-6630,