Ibey's Nursery Subdivision

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Sufficiency Review

Project Summary

The Ibey's Nursery Subdivision is a minor subdivision proposing one lot.  It is a 6.33 acre parcel, legally described as Tract 1 of C.O.S. 5544.  The property is accessed by Angus Lane, a privately maintained gravel roadway.  No new roads are proposed or needed to access the nursery, and there are no trails or sidewalks in the vicinity.  The property is unzoned, but partially within the Airport Influence Area; therefore, an Aviation Easement for the Airport Authority will be provided.   Although it only involves a single lot, this subdivision application is required element of the  process that would  allow Ibey Nursery to continue current business operations by lifting the Agricultural Use Covenant.  There is no proposed change in usage.  The applicant, Ibey Leasing, LLP, is represented by Professional Consultants, Inc.

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