Subdivision Regulation Amendments

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As part of ongoing maintenance of the Missoula County Subdivision Regulations, Missoula County Community & Planning Services (CAPS) is proposing amendments to the road standards in Chapter 3, and the Fire Hazard Assessment in the Appendices.

Changes to road standards are intended to provide narrower road widths when possible, and address parking appropriately. Proposed changes include the following:

  • Reintroducing off-site roads
  • Reintroducing “uniquely attributable” off-site road standards
  • Inclusion of cost-sharing methods for financing roads
  • Narrowing of most road widths in road table (Table 3.4.7)
  • Creation of a 24’ wide, no-parking collector
  • Creating fully parkable collector roads (vs. parking on one side)

Changes to Appendix C, the Fire Hazard Assessment, are recommend to more appropriately assess the risk of subdivision development in wildfire hazard areas. Proposed amendments include the following:

  • Refining ingress/egress scoring
  • Requiring county oversight of fuels and topography
  • Changing “fuel types” to “fuel hazard”
  • Changing “defensible space” to “treated space”
  • Expanding the scoring scale for fuel hazard

Any comments you might have on these changes are valued and appreciated. Your comments to these changes are requested by May 9, 2019. Comments will be forwarded to the Missoula Consolidated Planning Board for their consideration at a hearing scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. The hearing will be in Missoula City Council Chambers, located at 140 W. Pine Street. The Missoula County Commissioners will consider proposed changes at their regularly-scheduled hearing at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 6, 2019. The hearing will be held in the Sophie Moiese Room of the Courthouse Annex, located at 200 W. Broadway, Missoula.

Please direct your comments to Tim Worley, Senior Planner, at Written comments can be directed to Community and Planning Services, 200 W. Broadway, Missoula, MT, 59802.