Swan Valley Regional Plan Update

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Growth, development and conservation in the Upper Swan Valley have been guided by the Swan Valley-Condon Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the Missoula County Board of Commissioners in 1996. The residents and property owners of Swan Valley would like to update that plan for several reasons and to address a number of issues that have arisen since the 1996 plan was formulated.

Planning Committee Meetings


The Planning Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. at the Condon Community Center. Minutes and agendas are included.

Relevant Documents and Data

DRAFT Swan Valley and Condon Community Profile (2010)
(Note: This draft document has been produced through a collaborative effort of Swan Valley residents. It has not been reviewed or adopted by Missoula County. For information on this local effort, contact the Swan Valley Community Council. For questions about the County's growth policy amendment process and planning projects, please contact Community and Planning Services at 258-4657.)

For more information regarding the Swan Valley plan update you can also visit (This page is not updated or maintained by Missoula County).

Send Comments

The Swan Valley Planning Committee welcomes your comments. If you wish to provide comment on a specific element of the project or would like to submit a general comment to the Planning Committee you can send your comments to:

Swan Valley Community Council
Attention: Planning Committee
PO Box 1156
Condon, MT 59826

Or by email to:

Review Comments

To review comments on the 1st draft update of the Swan Valley Regional Plan (1-14-2016) click here.