Subdivision Regulation Rewrite Chapters 1 & 2

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General Provisions & Definitions

**Adopted Chapters 1 and 2: Resolution 2016-113**

On July 13th, the Board of County Commissioners adopted proposed amendments to Chapter 1 (General Provisions) and Chapter 2 (Definitions) of the Missoula County Subdivision Regulations. These chapters will become effective November 4, 2016. Hard copies are available at the CAPS office upon request. 

The purposes of these amendments are for:

  • General cleanup to ensure consistent language throughout the Regulations.

  • Addition of current definitions to match language and processes described in the forthcoming Missoula County Subdivision Regulations Chapters and the 2016 Missoula County Growth Policy updates.

  • Relocation of provisions to more logical locations.

  • Insertion of individual sentences, phrases, or individual words to improve the functionality of the regulations, such as those that connect sections or concepts and those that make implicit requirements.

These amendments to Chapters 1 and 2 match definitions, references, and processes in the upcoming Missoula County Subdivision Regulations chapter updates.

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For more information regarding amendments to Chapters 1 and 2 please contact Christine Dascenzo by email at or by phone at 406.258.3869.