Zoning Regulations

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Missoula County Zoning Update Phase 2 

Current County Zoning

Special Districts (SDs) and Rural Zoning Districts

Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)

Citizen Initiated Zoning Districts (ZDs)

Areas with Special Conditions/Exceptions on Development

Airport Influence Area

Missoula County Zoning Regulations, adopted April 11, 2017

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Table of Contents
   Chapter 1 General Provisions

 Chapter 2 Zoning Districts

Section 2.05 C-P1 Public Lands and Institutions

Section 2.06 C-A1 Agricultural - Open and Resource

Section 2.07 C-A2 Agricultural - Residential

Section 2.08 C-A3 Agricultural - Residential

Section 2.09 C-RR1 Residential

Section 2.10 C-RR2 Residential

Section 2.11 C-RR3 Residential

Section 2.12 C-R1 Residential

Section 2.13 C-R2 Residential

Section 2.14 C-R3 Residential

Section 2.15 C-C1 Neighborhood Commercial

Section 2.16 C-C2 General Commercial

Section 2.17 C-C3 Community Commercial

Section 2.18 C-I1 Light Industry

Section 2.19 C-I2 Heavy Industry


 Chapter 3 Supplementary Regulations

Section 3.02 Off-Street Parking

Section 3.03 Off-Street Loading

Section 3.04 Signs

Section 3.05 Landscaping and Buffering

Section 3.06 General Requirements

Section 3.06.J Hillside Regulations

   Chapter 4 Special Design Standards
   Chapter 5 Special Districts
   Chapter 6 Rural Zoning Districts
   Chapter 7 Nonconformities
   Chapter 8 Administration and Enforcement

Special Districts (SDs) and Rural Zoning Districts

These districts are set up to accommodate special uses or purposes, such as residential and commercial development.

Reserve Street Special District #2 - Resolution 1982-079 

  • See Section 6.03 of the County Zoning Resolution

East Butler Creek Foothills Rural Zoning District, Modified (West Pointe Subdivision)

Canyon East Special Zoning District - Resolution 2004-048

Grove Street Special Zoning District - Resolution 2004-076

Target Range-West End Rural Zoning District - Resolution 2005-079

  • See Section 6.12  of the County Zoning Resolution

North Lolo Rural Special Zoning District - Resolution 2010-066

  • See Section 6.13 of the County Zoning Resolution

 Missoula Development Park Special Zoning District 

  •  See Section 6.08 of the County Zoning Resolution

Water's Edge Special Zoning District - Resolution 2008-052

Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)

Citizen Initiated Zoning Districts - also known as ZDs or Part One Zoning

Information on the petition process used to create ZDs   |   Map of all ZDs in the County

ZDs need to contain:

  • Defined boundaries containing at least 40 acres
  • Planning goals and objectives
  • District zoning regulations

Airport Influence Area

Resolution 78-96





 Table of Contents