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Community Resiliency

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In order to protect and enhance the unique quality of life exclusive to Missoula County, cultivating and strengthening community resilience is essential. Missoula County aims to provide the very best in public service through protection of our community values and resources, encouraging environmental stewardship and conservation, and securing economic prosperity.

Missoula County seeks to reduce its contribution to climate change while promoting resiliency and adapting to its impact on the natural environment and communities. (Goal 4, 2016 Missoula County Growth Policy)

Strategies the County is undertaking to address this goal include:

  1. Plan for County and Community Resiliency
  2. Support and encourage sustainable development practices
  3. Reduce waste generation and increase recycling opportunities
  4. Improve energy efficiency and increase opportunities for energy independence
  5. Provide resources to help individuals and communities increase community resiliency

Missoula County is proud to announce it's commitment to work toward becoming a SolSmart-designated community. In partnership with the SolSmart team, Missoula County will work to improve opportunities for residents and businesses to install solar energy systems. These efforts will increase the efficiency of local processes related to solar development, which may save time and money.

Read the June 14, 2017 letter Missoula County sent to The Solar Foundation.

Solar Permit Checklist.

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