Plan for County & Community Resiliency

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Greenhouse gas emissions inventory for County operations

Missoula County has completed its first Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, which measures emissions for all County operated buildings, facilities, and vehicles. This inventory was created in an effort to understand where our emissions are coming from and how we can reduce them in the future. Missoula County plans to use the data compiled from the GHG Emissions Inventory to monitor emissions overtime, as well as set reduction targets and climate action goals to be outlined in Missoula County's Climate Action Plan, anticipated 2018. 

GHG Technical Advisory Committee (TAG)

To assist with the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Report, Missoula County facilitates a Technical Advisory Group.  This group has assisted the County with the Inventory by providing guidance on what should be included, how to collect the appropriate data, how to interpret and report the results, and by identifying new ways we should use the information provided by the inventory. 

Now that the inventory is completed, the TAG will provide valuable feedback for how the County should move forward in interpreting the Inventory results by establishing what emission-reduction targets are practical and a timeline for attainability, as well as guiding the County on the best avenues for inventory report presentation to the community. Examples of goals that could be established because of the GHG Emissions Inventory could be to reduce our operations' emissions by 30% by 2050 through encouraging energy conservation and solar energy usage.