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  • Urban Fringe Development Area (UFDA) Maps
    • UFDA Project - Booklet 1 (File Size: 10 MB)
      Introduction to the UFDA Project with a map profile of Missoula. Contains maps of Missoula urban area based on themes of housing density, developable land, infrastructure, public safety, parks and open space, sensitive lands, wildlife habitat, and agricultural soils.
    • UFDA Project - Booklet 2 (File Size: 6.6 MB)
      Building upon the data from UFDA Booklet 1, this atlas contains information about the planning process and four growth scenarios for the Missoula urban area, including staff recommendations. It also includes sample density images and a GIS suitability analysis.
  • Other Maps and Resources Missoula County Mapping and GIS Webpage
    Viewable Base Maps, the Missoula County Property Information System, plus an assortment of downloadable maps and data.
  • Interactive Soil Analysis map for Missoula County
    This web map allows users to visualize soil series, farmland classification, and tax parcel data information within the Missoula region and the I-90/Clark Fork River corridor to Frenchtown. Users may also select an area of interest on the map and obtain summary information on the acreage of farmland classifications, soil series, and parcel lot sizes within that area of interest.
  • Missoula County Parks and Trails Maps
  • Floodplain Maps

**For City planning and zoning maps, contact the City Development Services at 552-6630 or visit their website.