Industrial Lands Assessment

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The Interactive Map has been developed by Missoula County and Professional Consultants Inc. staff to illustrate all lands within Missoula County that are either zoned for industrial use, taxed as industrial by the Department of Revenue, or have been designated as industrial by the Growth Policy. 

“Blocks” are represented to show lands of similar characteristics such as transportation and infrastructure, and are defined within the map’s legend. To access the map’s data regarding infrastructure, as well as land use opportunities, zoning and constraints, please click on the “Layers” icon. These are further explained in the text of the inventory.

The map’s many features have been designed to assist developers and interested parties in determining precisely how lands within the county can best be utilized to meet their specific needs. If you have questions about this map or are interested in learning more, please contact Missoula County Development District Director, Dori Brownlow, at (406) 258-4763.

Document Preparation

Professional Consultants, Inc.
John Kellogg, Principal Planner
Dale McCormick, Project Planner
Matthew Smith, P.E., Project Engineer

O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West
Larry Swanson, Phd

Mapping Assistance from:
Nate Rogers, Senior GIS Specialist, Missoula County CAPS


This Industrial Lands Inventory was prepared under contract with Missoula County by Professional Consultants, Incorporated (PCI), in partnership with Dr. Larry Swanson of the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West. Funding was provided by the Missoula Development Authority (MDA) and the Montana Department of Commerce through a Big Sky Trust Fund planning grant obtained by the Bitter Root Economic Development District (BREDD).

Throughout the process, the Inventory was guided by a Committee of Stakeholders and Missoula City/County Department personnel, comprised of the following people:

  1. Barbara Martens, Missoula County Special Projects Manager (retired in the Fall of 2014)
  2. Dori Brownlow, Missoula County Development District Director
  3. Marcy Allen, Bitter Root Economic Development District
  4. James Grunke, Missoula Economic Partnership
  5. Brigitta Miranda-Freer, previously with Missoula Economic Partnership (present Executive Director, Montana World Trade Center)
  6. Dale Bickell, previous County Chief Administrative Officer
  7. Vickie Zeier, County Chief Administrative Officer
  8. Pat O’Herren, Community and Planning Services (CAPS) Director
  9. Mike Haynes, City Development Services Director
  10. Lavalle Means, City Development Services
  11. Nancy Heil, Community and Planning Services

Mapping was organized through Nate Rogers, Senior GIS Specialist of CAPS, with help from Casey Wilson, City Development Services, and Mike Snook, County GIS Manager.

Invaluable knowledge and information was provided by the Bonner Development Group, Montana Rail Link, Roseburg Forest Products, plus community advisors too numerous to mention here.

The Missoula County Commissioners are to be credited for their recognition of the need for this baseline study and their involvement throughout the process.