About the IRA Unit

The Information, Research, and Analysis (IRA) Unit provides professional Grant Acquisition services as well as assistance with Special Projects to local governmental departments agencies, and programs in the areas of criminal justice, community based services, human services, housing, public facilities and infrastructure, arts and cultural affairs, transportation and economic development. The IRA Unit may also provide assistance to non-profit agencies within these realms.

Services Provided

Grant Acquisition and Special Project services include but are not limited to: 

  • Research, identify, and access announcements regarding grant opportunities.
  • Communicate to appropriate staff and county departments about grant opportunities.
  • Assist departments with grant application development including project management, writing, editing, layout, design, formatting and compilation of grant proposal components.
  • Provide supporting material (e.g., written narrative, charts, research data) for grant applications.
  • Respond to requests for census, demographic and related information needs.
  • Conduct studies using primary and secondary data and social science research methods.
  • Produce narrative, tabular and graphical documents and reports.
  • Coordinate information-sharing among grant application partners.
  • Manage benchmark alerts and maintain content within Grants Management System (GMS) on behalf of departments, agencies, and programs for which Grant Acquisition assistance was provided.
  • Facilitate intra- and inter-agency teams for one-time or ongoing projects.
  • Participate on working groups to assist with strategic program planning that utilizes research and analytical skills.


The primary staff member of IRA is Nancy Rittel. Nancy brings over three decades of public and private sector experience to the IRA Unit with the most recent half focused on grant acquisition and grant management. Other professionals utilized by the IRA Unit include county GIS Specialists and interns from the University of Montana.

Contact Information

If you are associated with a county department, agency, or program, or you are a representative of a non-profit agency that works on local governmental initiatives and you would like assistance with finding grants or writing grant applications, contact Nancy at (406) 258-4933 or email her at nrittel@co.missoula.mt.us.