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The Substance Abuse Prevention division includes the following programs and coalitions:

Substance abuse prevention funding opportunities include the Substance Abuse Prevention Mill Levy and the Alcohol Tax Fund.

Frenchtown Community CoalitionFrenchtown Community Coalition's Profile Photo

The Frenchtown Community Coalition was formed in October 2008.  The Coalition works to build and maintain a supportive environment for collaborative, proactive work that helps prevent underage alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use.  The Coalition is funded through a Drug-Free Communities grant, and carries out its mission under the direction of community sector representatives with a vested interest in reducing alcohol, marijuana, and/or other drug use among Frenchtown youth. 

Forum for Children and Youth The Forum Missoula Forum for Children & Youth

The Missoula Forum for Children and Youth is an alliance of prevention workgroups united by a common mission: To lead collaborative, proactive community efforts to prevent underage substance use and to foster the development of healthy and resilient children and youth.  The following coalitions are coordinated by the Forum:

Missoula Underage Substance Abuse Prevention (MUSAP) – MUSAP is a collaborative workgroup consisting of key community partners who are focused on implementing environmental prevention strategies to reduce underage substance abuse in Missoula County.

Prescription Drug Task Force – The Prescription Drug Task Force is a comprised of representatives of community organizations that work to raise awareness of the prescription drug abuse epidemic and how Missoulians can work together to bring about solutions to prescription drug misuse and abuse.  The group grew out of an awareness campaign that was developed in partnership with LEAD (a non-profit drug prevention organization in Chicago) and MUSAP in 2014.  

Youth Development Network (YDN) – The Youth Development Network is a partnership between youth and community leaders committed to promoting positive youth development.

Youth Council – The Youth Council is comprised of youth from Missoula area high schools, and focuses on promoting healthy choices for Missoula teens through service, leadership, advocacy and plenty of fun activities.

Healthy Start Missoula – Healthy Start Missoula is the local Best Beginnings affiliate and is part of a statewide Best Beginnings initiative under the authority of the State Best Beginnings Advisory Council.   Healthy Start Missoula works to ensure that families of all backgrounds have easy access to early childhood resources through a centralized system of comprehensive services and family education programs in the community. 

Substance Abuse Prevention Mill Levy

In June 2008, voters approved a mill levy to support underage substance abuse prevention efforts in Missoula County.   Each spring, Missoula County conducts a competitive application process to award approximately $368,920 in substance abuse prevention mills to support programs in Missoula County that help grow healthy youth and families and reduce the negative consequences and high costs of substance abuse.

Governmental or non-profit organizations that engage in substance abuse prevention work in Missoula County may be eligible for funding.  To be eligible for funding, one or more of the following criteria must be met and activities must be research based:

  • Maintains a coalition that coordinates abuse prevention efforts;
  • Provides community education about the risks and costs of abusing alcohol, tobacco and other drugs;
  • Offers supervised non-school hour activities that give young people alternatives to drug use and opportunities for positive youth development; or
  • Provides early intervention to help youth and families address alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems.

Alcohol Tax Fund

Missoula County receives Alcohol Tax Funds from the Chemical Dependency Bureau of the Montana Department of Health and Human Services. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the State allocates tax dollars to counties based on projected tax revenue from the sale of alcohol. The only eligible recipients for Alcohol Tax Funds are State-approved chemical dependency service providers.  The funds must be used for the provision of chemical dependency treatment and prevention services.