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The Youth Development Network (YDN) is a partnership between youth and community leaders committed to promoting positive youth development. YDN members meet quarterly to network, identify positive youth development needs in Missoula County, and come up with collaborative approaches to addressing these needs.  The YDN is open to anyone that has an interest or expertise relating to positive youth development. 

Community Partners:  YDN is comprised of Missoula area agencies that provide support to school aged youth and increase the protective factors that are proven to assist youth in making healthy decisions.

The Forum Youth Council: The Forum Youth Council is a program of the YDN and is comprised of a group of high school students working to:

  • Be healthy, active leaders in the Missoula community;
  • Make positive changes in the community through prevention-related service projects and outreach campaigns; and,
  • Provide youth input and feedback on prevention-related work in Missoula.

The Forum Youth Council meets every other Tuesday for two hours to learn about community issues, organize projects, and have fun! 

Enrichment Trainings:  Every year, YDN selects and participates in a series of trainings designed to provide professional development for staff and volunteers working in positive youth development.  Some previous topics have included Working with the Schools, Understanding the Adverse Childhood Experience Study, Public Relations, and Healthy Relationships.