Family Violence Intervention & Education Session (FVIES)

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Family Violence Intervention & Education Session (FVIES)

What is the Missoula Family Violence Intervention and Education Session (FVIES)?

  • Sessions are held on the third Tuesday of the month, quarterly (January, April, July and October) in the Sophie Moiese room of the Courthouse Annex.
  • Defendants are sentenced by the judge to attend and listen to a panel of speakers. The panel usually includes a survivor of domestic violence, counselors, a presenter on ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), a facilitator, and stories from reformed offenders
  • Impact panels fall under the restorative justice approach to crime. It recognizes that crime impacts not only the offender and their victim, but the community at large. Through this realization, the well-being of all community members becomes central and a holistic strategy of repairing the harm and rebuilding relationships becomes necessary
  • The FVIES is not designed to replace proper treatment for Domestic Violence. It is designed to supplement or to be a precursor to formal Domestic Violence Treatment
  • Payments collected from participants are used to assist victims of domestic violence and their children

Rules of attending The FVIES

(Failure to follow the rules results in a failure to complete the session)

  • Pay $20 cash only upon arrival, change is not available
  • No admittance after the doors close
  • Must have some form of ID
  • No hats, sunglasses, food, or drink allowed
  • Cellphones must be on silent
  • No talking, eye rolling, gesturing or sleeping
  • You cannot attend the session if you consume alcohol or drugs not prescribed and or not taken as prescribed-breath tests may be administered if you are suspected of being under the influence
  • No weapons-all items carried in are subject to search by law enforcement 

After the Session

  • Upon completing the session successfully, certificates of completion will be given
  • Certificates of completion need to be shown to the court as proof of completing this part of the sentencing
  • If you lose your certificate you will be required to attend another session at a later date-replacement certificates will not be issued
  • Criminal penalties may result in failure to complete this session as ordered


NOTE: You are registered for the class once the judge sentences you to attend

For questions please call:
Erin Schreder
Phone: 406-258-3638