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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the penalties if I don't comply with the junk vehicle law?

  • How can I comply with the law if a junk vehicle has been abandoned on my property?

  • If I have four or more junk vehicles and decide I want to start dealing in used parts, who do I contact for licensing information?

  • Do I need to obtain a motor vehicle wrecking facility license for my own junk vehicles?

  • Do I need to shield items such as engines, transmissions, and fenders?

  • What if I no longer want to keep the vehicle?

  • Can I do anything else other than removing or shielding the vehicle?

  • How can I shield my junk vehicles from public view?

  • If I only have one junk vehicle do I need to shield it?

  • Do I have to shield my vehicles if I'm not in the commercial motor vehicle wrecking business?

  • What is a "Public View"?

  • What is a "Junk Vehicle"?

  • What is the Montana Junk Vehicle Law?

  • How do I apply for Medicaid or Healthy Montana Kids?

  • How do I sign up for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

  • Who do I talk to about a weed complaint?

  • How do you define a bedroom?

  • How are septic systems sized?

  • What are the "test pits" or "soil profile holes"?

  • What is the "reserve" or "replacement area"?

  • I'm planning on selling my house; do I need to have the septic system inspected?

  • Where can I find a list of Certified Septic Installers?

  • Where can I find my parcel number and legal description?

  • Do I need a septic system?

  • What is a septic system?

  • Are sewers coming to my area?

  • Do I have a septic system?

  • Where can I find the location of my water and/or municipal sewer lines?

  • What about the use of oxygenated fuels in small specialty engines?

  • What about water separating out of the gasoline?

  • What about ethanol and filter plugging?

  • How will oxygenated fuel affect older vehicles?

  • Will using oxygenated fuels void the vehicle warranty?

  • How will oxygenated fuel affect vehicle performance?

  • What is ethanol?

  • What is carbon monoxide?

  • Why are air alerts and warnings called?

  • Why can't I use my woodstove or fireplace?

  • How can I check for air alerts and warnings?

  • How do I report a nuisance barking dog?

  • Need to rent a live trap?

  • Reporting a dead deer?

  • Do you have an issue with a skunk, raccoon, or other pest?

  • Do you have an issue with a deer, bear, or other wildlife?

  • How do I license my dog?