Feeding Wildlife

It is unlawful to feed, provide feed or other attractants to wildlife within the city limits.  Attractant means any substance, including food, garbage, and even salt licks which attract wildlife to a particular location.

Food Accessibility

Birdfeeders cannot be accessible to other animals other than birds or squirrels.  Remember to harvest your fruits and vegetables when ripe to keep bears from helping themselves to the food.

Garbage Containers

Garbage containers are required.  All garbage must be placed inside containers with tight fitting lids and be kept covered.

Racks, stakes, or holders are required to prevent containers from being spilled or overturned by animals.  Bears can get into regular garbage containers.  To keep them out of your garbage, there are bear proof containers available from Allied Waste.

Keep your garbage in a secure area until pick up day.  Non-bear resistant containers may not be left outside in the Bear Buffer Zone.  Non-bear resistant containers may not be placed outside before 5:00 am on the day of waste pick up and must be re-secured by 9:00 pm on the day of waste pickup.