Online Licensing is Now Available! Click Here

  • It's your pets "Ticket Home."  Should your animal become lost, a license tag on your dog's collar is a fast and easy way to reunite you and your dog. Microchips require a scanning device to read them.  A license tag is easily visible for everyone.

  • It ensures your pet is vaccinated against rabies.  When you license, you are required to have your dog vaccinated for rabies. This allows others to know that your animal is protected.  By vaccinating your animal, you are helping to provide a safer community. 

  • It helps other pets.  Licensing is a primary source of income for animal control. These fees help us to adopt strays and owner-surrendered animals to new homes. Due to licensing fees, 94% of the dogs that come to our shelter are either reunited with their owner or adopted.

  • It's the law.  Dog licensing has been required by law since 1896.  Missoula City-County residents voted and passed the ordinance requiring dogs to be licensed. Citations for not having your dog licensed carries up to a $95.00 fine.

  • How are licensing fees spent?

    • Shelter and feed lost cats and dogs
    • Reunite lost pets with their owners
    • Manage our animal adoption program
    • Run our low income spay and neuter program
    • Help neighbors resolve animal conflicts
    • Help investigate animal cruelty
    • Educate the public on responsible pet ownership

    Dog License Fee Schedules

    License Type/Description One-Year Two-Year Three-Year
    Puppy (For all dogs under 1 year of age) $15 -- --
    Altered (Spayed or Neutered) $20 $35 $50
    Unaltered (Not Spayed or Neutered) $35 $65 $95
    Senior - Altered(Dog owner is 65 years and older) $10 $17.50 $25
    Senior - Unaltered(Dog owner is 65 years and older) $17.50 $32.50 $47.50
    County Kennel License (6 or more dogs) - Must call our office to apply. $100 -- --


    Dog License Application Information

    To apply for a license, please download and fill out the Dog License ApplicationYou must provide a copy of your dogs current rabies vaccination certificate.

    Stop by or mail your completed form along with a current rabies certificate, proof of spay/neuter and fees to:
    MAC, 6700 Butler Creek Road, Missoula, MT 59808. Failure to provide this information will result in your application being returned to you. You must make sure that you have current rabies information to run concurrently with the length of time you are licensing for. If the rabies is expired you MUST provide current information. You must be 18 years or older to license your dog in Missoula County. The original license tag you receive will be a permanent tag issued for the life of the animal. Replacement tags are available for $5.00. Please call our office at (406) 541-7387 if you have any questions regarding licensing. You can also email us at