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Let's Control It - Alcohol Responsibility Matters

MCA 16-4-1005 requires anyone who serves or sells alcohol, including immediate supervisors and the licensee, to take a state-approved alcohol sales and service training class within 60 days of hire and every three years after that. Classes are offered regularly:

Note:  Montana has developed an new Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service (RASS) curriculum.  The state is in the process of training new instructors and re-certifying previous instructors.

This process should be completed in December of 2019.  We are planning on developing a schedule for training  beginning in January of 2020. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions please reach out to Steve Schmidt at 406-258-3880 or via email at or see the list of  other alcohol service classes are offered on the state's website. The State of Montana maintains a list of other approved training options for alcohol servers.