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COVID-19 Epidemiology Info for Missoula County

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Important notes for interpreting epidemiology charts:

1. The Epidemiology Curve chart shows date of symptom onset - not date of diagnosis.  The date of a person's test is less relevant than the date at which they became symptomatic.

2. The COVID-19 Incidence by Age Group chart is not a chart of the raw data/numbers of cases per age group. It normalizes each age group's population to 100,000 in order to compare relative incidence between age groups.  For example, on April 29, the data showed more than 60 cases per 100,000 20-29 -year-olds in Missoula County.  It does not say there were more than 60 cases in this age range in Missoula County. Rather, if we had 100,000 people in that age range, based on the data we have so far, we would expect about 60 of them to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

This page will be updated when new cases are identified in Missoula County. Last Update: April 30, 2020

Epidemiology Curve

April 29, 2020 epidemiology curve of COVID-19 in Missoula County

Incidence by Age Group

COVID-19 Incidece in Missoula County by Age Group

Missoula County COVID-19 Cases

  Missoula County COVID-19 Cases