Child Care Centers

Child care centers are facilities that provide regular care to 13 or more children. Centers must be licensed by the state and receive an annual inspection by our department. Inspections are unscheduled and occur within the 90-day window prior to the license renewal date. 

For any new child care center in Missoula, a pre-operational inspection by our office is required to open. Facilities must be in operating condition for inspection. Empty facilities, facilities still undergoing remodel, or facilities missing equipment are not considered ready and will not be approved.

Child Cares: Registered Group and Family Homes

Child cares with 12 or fewer children are regulated by state and do not receive inspections by our department; however, these facilities must have approved water and wastewater systems to operate. Contact our land services section if you have questions.

Drop-In Child Cares

Drop-in child care facilities must follow our local regulations. These regulations cover immunization requirements, food safety, cleaning and sanitizing, and health policies. Drop-in facilities receive an annual inspection. After successful completion of an annual inspection, the facility is awarded a certificate of compliance.