Outbreak of Salmonella Newport Linked to Onions

Missoula has cases linked to the nationwide outbreak associated with onions. The CDC and the FDA encourage consumers, restaurant, retailers to not eat, serve, or sell red, white, yellow, or sweet yellow onions from Thomson International.


Food Service Types

Retail Food Service

"Brick and mortar" establishments that sell directly to the end consumer (e.g. restaurants, bars, grocery stores, caterers; extensive remodels; change of ownership).

Mobile Food Establishments

Pushcarts and food trucks: new, remodels, changes in ownership.

Temporary Food Service

Service at events with non-permanent facilities (e.g. Out to Lunch, Farmers' Market, First Friday).

First Friday and Downtown Events FAQ

Cottage Food Operations

Registered home-based operation that sells non refrigerated products to the end consumer.

Wholesale Food and Warehouses

Food made and distributed to retailers.


Food storage facility for packaged items.

Ice Manufacturing

Ice production, bagging, and distribution.


Food operations are inspected a minimum of one time per calendar year and may receive more inspections based on need. Inspection reports are public record and may be viewed at our office or online.

Resources for Operators

Food Safety Training

Retail operations are required to have at least one certified manager with few exceptions. Our department offers training for both food handler and managers.

Food Safety Guides

Having trouble navigating the state regulation? Want an abbreviated version of operational requirements? Our food safety guides will get you the information you need by topic.