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The Missoula County DUI Task Force represents a diverse cross-section of the community. The task force is appointed by the Missoula County Commissioners to promote a healthier and safer environment by reducing the number of alcohol-related traffic crashes. The task force works on environmental and enforcement strategies, public education, awareness and legislation. Visit DUI Task Force Members & Reports page for minutes, reports and more information about the Missoula County DUI Task Force.

Our task force has been funded by driver license reinstatement fees since 1986. We have no political agenda so are free to address what is most relevant to our county and to support innovative projects that prevent DUI. We are one of 38 state-approved DUI task forces representing 42 counties and two tribal task forces.  

Our Mission

To prevent impaired driving through education, the support of traffic enforcement, the advancement of safe driving awareness and effective legislation.

Our Goals

  • Prevent driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). 
  • Reduce alcohol-related traffic crashes.
  • Educate the public on the dangers of driving after consuming alcoholic beverages or other chemical substances that impair judgment and motor function.


Think Twice in Missoula

Think Twice is a program currently spreading around the Missoula area.  Think Twice Single Use Breathalyzers allow patrons in drinking establishments test their Blood Alcohol (BAC) Levels to gain a better understanding of how BAC relates to their individual impairment level after drinking alcoholic beverages.   The Think Twice tag line is, "It's Better To Know Before You Go."   

Patrons who utilize the single use breathalyzers are better prepared to make "Safe Ride" decisions that will help make our roads safer and prevent unnecessary DUIs before they occur.   

The DUI Task Force would like you to know where Think Twice is available in Missoula.

For more information about Think Twice visit:

Think Twice, Missoula, Montana, DUI Task Force

Montana's Empty Dinner Table

This is a display in remembrance of those who have lost their lives on Montana Roadways in 2019. 

Empty Dinner Table, BUMT, DUI Task Force, Missoula, Montana, Buckle Up Montana


The Missoula County DUI Task Force supports and is working toward the Montana Department of Transportation's 

 Montana Vision Zero Logo

In order to get to Zero Deaths and Zero Serious Injuries on Montana Roadways,

We Need You To Get There.