Our Home Visiting Team consists of nurses, social workers and nutritionists who provide information and referrals on a wide variety of subjects to all families in our community. 

  • Every family is eligible for home visiting regardless of income.
  • Anyone can make a referral.
  • The program is voluntary and it's tailored to meet the family's need.

What a home visitor does

  • Meets with children, women or family in their home or a place of their choosing.
  • Identifies the family concerns, challenges, barriers, strengths and goals.
  • Assists families to access community resources such as housing, food, transportation, medical care and other services.
  • Assists pregnant women that may be eligible for pregnancy medicaid.
  • Provides assessments and screenings for children to determine their strengths and find areas where they need help.
  • Provides information about growth and development, health, home safety and parenting concerns such as sleeping, eating, childcare, behavior management and family relationships.
  • Helps families to access community resources to help meet their needs, such as housing food, transportation and medical care.
  • Provides information about preparing for childbirth and the new baby, and developing positive parenting skills.
  • Offers continuing support.
  • Provides information about birth control.

Pregnant Women

Registered nurses, social workers and dietitians provide a visitation program designed to fit individual family needs:

  • Healthy pregnancy education
  • Nutrition
  • Physical and emotional changes
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Labor and delivery preparation
  • Prenatal classes
  • Community resources and referrals
  • Presumptive eligibility for Medicaid

Birth And Beyond prenatal classes


Newborns are fascinating people. The nurse helps the family discover all the wonderful things the new baby is able to do, and information about caring for a new baby.  She can also answer questions about  sleeping, crying, feeding, and loving the new member of the family.



If you are a parent of a child, you are invited to participate in our Follow Me program.  Registered nurses, social workers and dietitians provide visits where it is convenient for you.  We have information about:

  • Growth and development screenings
  • Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding information and support
  • Safety
  • Immunizations
  • Parenting concerns
  • Community resources


 As the baby grows, the nurse provides regular screenings that help parents identify how their child is growing. The home visitor provides:

  • Regular growth and development evaluations
  • Assistance with parenting concerns and development of positive parenting skills.
  • Suggestions for fun things to do with their children to help in all areas of development including social skills, language development and physical development.