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Nationally, one out of every five children is overweight or obese by age six. Why does this matter? Psychological, social and physical health challenges are cause by childhood obesity. These health issues can span a child's lifetime and often impact their quality of life (CDC)

Child care and early education providers are a powerful force to help children learn develop healthy habits for life. Focus on these five key areas to get kids off to a healthy start:

  • Physical activity: Provide one to two hours throughout the day, including outside play as possible.
  • Screen time: Follow the guidelines for screen time for different age groups. Children under age two should have no screen time. For ages two and up, limit screen time to 30 minutes per week in the child care setting, with no more than one to two hours a day of quality screen time at home.
  • Food: Try to serve fruits and vegetables at every meal, and eat family style whenever possible. Avoid serving fried foods.
  • Beverages: When you can, give children water during meals and when they are thirsty during the day. Avoid sugary drinks. For ages two and up, serve low- or non-fat milk, and limit juice to four to six ounces of 100 percent juice per day.
  • Infant feeding: Provide breast milk to infants of mothers who wish to breastfeed. Welcome mothers to nurse mid-day, and support parents' decisions about infant feeding.

We invite all Child Care providers to be a 5210 LM!M Affiliate Child Care. Join us in making the healthy choice, fun and easy! 

Child Care Trainings and Onsite Consults

Instructors from 5210 Let's Move! Missoula and Eat Smart programs teach a child care training together, focusing on best practices for infants and children. This course is available online January 2019 and in-person by request. 

Course: Growing Up Healthy 101 and 201 (optional) 

Credit Hours: 3.0 each course

Instructors: Lisa Dworak & Rebecca Morley 

Host: Child Care Resources
Price: $15.00
Dates: Online!

Interested in a free 5210 LM!M Child Care Consultation? Call 258.3895

For more information on promoting physical activity and good nutrition in child care, visit the National Let's Move Website