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Missoula County BMI Project and Research

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Let's Move! Missoula is rooted in research that empowers us to understand the issue of childhood obesity and more specifically the health disparities and barriers to health within our community. Through national research and local data, we devise strategies to improve the health of all kids and residents. 

Missoula County BMI Surveillance Project

LM!M has collected the body mass index (BMI) measurements from third graders in Missoula County for 9 years. The Missoula County BMI Surveillance Project tracks our population's health. It is not used for individual diagnostic or screening. Measurements are completely anonymous and children may opt out. The CDC recommends BMI for population health. 

2017-2018 BMI Report

2016-2017 School Year

2015-2016 School year

2014-2015 School Year
2008-2014 Summary Report
2010-2011 School Year

2009-2010 School Year
2008-2009 School Year


Here is just some of the research that has informed our work:

Physical Activity in School Settings

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General Physical Activity

Physical Activity Guidelines, Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

Creating a Healthy Place

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