The Missoula Prescription Drug (Rx) Task Force was created in 2014 in response to growing concern about the rise in prescription drug misuse and abuse in Missoula County. The group utilizes a multi-pronged approach to educate the community at large about the potential dangers of prescription drugs, such as accidental poisoning of young children, high rates of prescription medication abuse among young adults, and the importance of proper medication disposal.

The Task Force has three recommendations for community members to follow to reduce prescription drug or medication misuse/abuse and overdose in our community:

  1. Proper Use: Take prescriptions prescribed only to you and take exactly as directed.
  2. Proper Storage: Lock up your medications, store medications "up and away" from kids and pets.
  3. Proper Disposal: Safely dispose of unused and expired medications by
    • taking them to a prescription drug take-back event;  
    • using a medication disposal bag; 
    • taking them to a local drop box. See below for a list of drop boxes in Missoula County.
  • Missoula Police Department, 435 Ryman St. (city hall location only)

  • Curry Health Center, University of Montana, 634 Eddy Ave. 

  • Partnership Health Center, 401 Railroad St. W.

  • Granite Pharmacy, 2230 27th Ave.

  • Broadway Pharmacy, St. Patrick Hospital, 500 W. Broadway St.

  • CVS Pharmacy, 1902 Brooks St.

  • Missoula Pharmacy, 1211 S. Reserve St. 

  • Community Medical Center Hospital Pharmacy, 2827 Fort Missoula Road

  • Community Cancer Care Pharmacy, 2827 Fort Missoula Road

  • Palmer's Drug, 918 S.W. Higgins Ave.

  • Granite Pharmacy, 16862 Beckwith St.
  • Lolo Drug, 103 Glacier Drive
Seeley Lake:
  • Seeley Swan Pharmacy, 3027 Highway 83

Updated drop box locations across the state are listed online.