The Missoula Prescription Drug (Rx) Task Force was created in 2014 in response to growing concern about the rise in prescription drug and opioid misuse and abuse in Missoula County. This collaborative group, housed under the Missoula City-County Health Department, has representatives from local law enforcement; the medical field (pharmacy, pain, and nursing); treatment, harm reduction, and recovery organizations; as well as other concerned organizations and citizens. The group utilizes a multi-pronged approach to educate the community at large about:

  1. The potential dangers of misusing prescription drugs and opioids, such as accidental poisoning, overdose, and substance use disorder.
  2. Understanding substance use disorder and how to support those in our community experiencing substance use disorder and where they can get help.
  3. Safe and environmentally-friendly medication and syringe disposal.
    • To safely dispose of unused and expired medications:
      • take them to a prescription drug take-back event; 
      • use a medication disposal bag or mix with kitty litter or coffee grounds to dispose safely at home; or
      • take them to a local drop box.
    • To safely dispose of used syringes:
      • take them to our local disposal kiosk behind Burns St. Bistro;
      • call the Syringe Litter Hotline at (406) 543-4770 (run by Open Aid Alliance) and someone will come and dispose of it for you; or
      • use these instructions outlined by our Guidance on Disposal of Syringes/Sharps in Missoula County handout.

Live in Montana? Follow this link to find a drop box in your community to dispose of your unused or expired medications: