Missoula City-County Health Department COVID-19 Information

Joint Information Center: Community COVID-19 Information and Resources

Information on Missoula County offices reopening to the public Monday, June 1

Missoula County phones: Missoula County continues to experience a high volume of calls. You may get a busy signal or experience long hold times when you call. Staff are working on solutions to decrease wait times. You may be able to find what you need at Thank you for your patience.


There are currently two impact zones in Missoula County: M and SL.  Outdoor burning is occasionally limited or restricted in these areas in order to protect public health during stagnant air conditions.  Impact Zone M also comes into play during Air Pollution Warnings.

Impact Zone M

Description: Impact Zone M surrounds the greater Missoula metro area, including Frenchtown, Clinton, Lolo and Florence.


During a Stage II Air Pollution Warning, woodstove and fireplace restrictions go into the effect for Impact Zone M.

 Click here to see a large version of the Impact Zone M Map

Impact Zone M Map


Impact Zone SL

Description: Impact Zone SL surrounds Seeley Lake, but does not include Placid Lake, Lake Alva or Lake Inez.