If you’re using an old woodstove, chances are you’re losing money and your heat up the chimney. Stoves have come a long way in just the past 20 years, and by making the switch to a new pellet or woodstove, you’ll get more heat from your fuel. Woodstove technology has kept up with tightening EPA standards to the extent that a new, EPA-certified woodstove will produce less ash and smoke than an older woodstove and use less wood for the same amount of heat.

Pellet Stoves


Pellet stoves provide a convenient heat source that requires little effort by the homeowner. These appliances burn pellets that you pour into the hopper and burn an efficient, hot fire. The pellets themselves are basically just compressed woody biomass and because the pellets have miniscule moisture content, they create a hot, efficient fire. Pellets generally cost a little more than firewood, but are a more convenient and clean fuel source.

Why Switch to a Pellet Stove?

  • Convenience. Pellets are easy to use and store. They take up less space than firewood and starting a fire means scooping some pellets and turning a switch instead of splitting or hauling firewood.
  • Efficiency. Because pellets are dry, you won’t waste heat or energy boiling water in the wood.
  • Less mess, lower emissions. Pellet stoves are cleaner inside and out. They produce less ash than woodstoves and far fewer emissions. A pellet stove will have cleaner emissions (less smoke) than even EPA-certified woodstoves. That means safer air for you and your family.

Pellet Stove Installation in Missoula County

Pellet stoves are theonlysolid fuel burning device that may be installed throughout Missoula County. If you are inside the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone, make sure you choose a pellet stove from the approved list (pdf).


Non-Catalytic Stoves


Non-catalytic stoves have three internal characteristics that create a good environment for complete combustion. These are firebox insulation, a large baffle to produce a longer, hotter gas flow path, and pre-heated combustion air introduced through small holes above the fuel in the firebox. The baffle and some other internal parts of a non-catalytic stove will need replacement from time to time as they deteriorate with the high heat of efficient combustion.

Why choose a non-catalytic stove?

  • Use your own firewood
  • Less maintenance

Non-catalytic Stove Installation in Missoula County

EPA-certified non-catalytic stoves may be installed in Missoula County outside the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone. Make sure you obtain an installation permit.Visit the Woodstove Installation page for more information.


Catalytic Stoves


In catalytic combustion, the smoky exhaust is passed through a coated ceramic honeycomb inside the stove where the smoke gases and particles ignite and burn. Catalytic stoves are capable of producing a long, even heat output. All catalytic stoves have a lever-operated catalyst bypass damper which is opened for starting and reloading. The catalytic honeycomb degrades over time and must be replaced, but its durability is largely in the hands of the stove user. The catalyst can last more than six seasons if the stove is used properly; but if the stove is over-fired, inappropriate fuel (like garbage and treated wood) is burned, and if regular cleaning and maintenance are not done, the catalyst may break down in as little as 2 years. (Important note: Garbage should never be burned in a wood stove or fireplace.)

Why choose a catalytic stove?

  • Use your own firewood
  • Cleaner emissions than a non-catalytic stove (if well-maintained).

Cataytic Stove Installation in Missoula County

EPA-certified catalytic stoves may be installed in Missoula County outside the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone. Make sure you obtain an installation permit.Visit the Woodstove Installation page formore information.




Wood-burning fireplaces are inefficient and emit a significant amount of pollution. Fireplaces should not be considered a good source of heat.

Fireplace Installation in Missoula County

It is illegal to install a wood-burning fireplace in most of Missoula County.The only place a wood-burning fireplace may be installed in the County isthe Swan Drainage (Condon area).