Woodstove Removal Requirements

When property changes ownership in the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone, older polluting woodstoves and woodstove inserts must be removed and a Certificate of Compliance form must be filed at the Clerk & Recorder's Office in the Courthouse.


The following solid fuel burning devices may remain in place when a property changes ownership:

  • Commercially manufactured pellet stoves.
  • Class I High Efficiency Stoves that were legally installed and permitted between 1986 and October 1994.
  • Stone/masonry fireplaces that are structurally part of the building.
  • Wood fired forced air combustion furnaces that heat living spaces through indirect heat transfer using forced air duct work or a pressurized water system.

Certificate of Compliance Form and Database

When property is sold in the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone, a Certificate of Compliance form must be filed at the Clerk and Recorders Office in the Courthouse. The purpose of the Certificate of Compliance is to ensure and verify that older high emitting devices in the Air Stagnation Zone are removed as property changes ownership and to list what solid fuel burning devices, such as fireplaces, pellet stoves or permitted efficient woodstoves, remain on the property. The Woodstove Certificate of Compliance Database lists those properties that have already filed a Certificate of Compliance.

If a property is sold and the solid fuel burning device information in the database matches what is at the property, then another Certificate of Compliance form does not need to be filed. If the database does not match what is at the property, a correct Certificate of Compliance form needs to be completed and filed at the Clerk and Recorders Office.

Certificate of Compliance Form (pdf)

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