Site Evaluations

A site evaluation may be necessary before applying for a septic permit to ensure that your site is suitable for a system. If you are unsure whether you need a site evaluation, call our department to speak with a land sanitarian.

If you would like MCCHD to perform the site evaluation, the first step is to fill out a Site Evaluation Application. A sanitarian will contact you to schedule the evaluation once the application is received.

Alternatively, you can hire an outside Approved Site Evaluator to conduct the site evaluation. Contact information is available on our Public Approved Site Evaluator List

Site evaluations and percolation tests must be conducted by an Approved Site Evaluator who meets the credential requirements and has passed an examination administered by the Health Department to demonstrate knowledge of soils and site characteristics and how they relate to the design and function of wastewater treatment and disposal systems. The applicant takes a closed-book exam at the Health Department

Please reference the following materials: 

Site Evaluation Manual
Site Evaluator Application


Percolation Tests ("Perc Tests")

Percolation tests are not always required. Information gathered from the site evaluation will determine whether they are are required. The Health Department does not perform this service. 


Ground Water Monitoring

Groundwater monitoring may be required to determine if your site is suitable for a system. Information gathered during the site evaluation combined with surrounding hydrological and hydrogeological data will be used in determining whether groundwater must be monitored for your site. 

Groundwater monitoring measures the high seasonal groundwater level starting in April of each year. The monitoring results are used to ensure that effluent will have the opportunity for adequate treatment before reaching drinking water. It is also used to make sure that a system will not be placed directly in groundwater, which can result in system failure and drinking water contamination.

If you know you need to have the groundwater monitored at your site, the next step is to fill out an Ground Water Monitoring Application.