Missoula City-County Health Code, Regulation 3 Solid Waste Management
Missoula County Ordinance to Control Community Decay, Resolution 90-037
All MCCHD Environmental Health Regulations

Common Issues

Weed Complaints

Road Kill

  • If it is causing a safety hazard, call 9-1-1
  • To report a dead deer or other roadkill, call Republic Services @ 406-543-3157
  • If it is on private property, it is the property owner's responsibility

Illegal Dumping 

  • We try our best to identify the person responsible for dumping. If no evidence is available, it is the ultimately the responsibility of the owner of the property to dispose of the item(s). 

Junk Vehicles

Other issues 

Disposal & Recycling Resources 

Hazardous Waste

Green Waste

Where to Recycle

Garbage Collection & Disposal