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Stormwater - Current Projects

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Current Projects

The Missoula Valley Water Quality District in partnership with the city of Missoula is working to improve the quality of stormwater at Caras Park.  Through grant funding provided through Montana Department of Natural Resources, we will install a treatment system that will reduce the impact of polluted stormwater on the Clark Fork River.  This system, called a hydrodynamic separator concentrates dirt, debris and other pollutants into a chamber where they can be later removed.  Another chamber collects oil, styrofoam and other floatable materials resulting in cleaner stormwater with less impacts to humans and aquatic life.  This treatment is planned to be installed in Fall of 2015.  Read more in the technical report.

Active construction projects, complains or inquiries related to construction stormwater pollution prevention concerns can be addressed by contacting the Public Works Office at (406) 258-4753 or by emailing Missoula County Public Works

  • Hydrodynamic separator on truck

    Hydrodynamic Separator on the turck

  • Lowering Separator

    Crane lowering separator into ground

  • Securing separator in place

    Securing Separator in place