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Emergency Operations Basic Plan

By virtue of a Mutual Aid Agreement between Missoula County and the City of Missoula, the Missoula County Emergency Operations Plan is a joint undertaking by both the County and City. That Mutual Aid Agreement also constitutes a joint Disaster Planning Committee to deal with disaster and emergency issues. The Emergency Operations Plan sets down the organizational, legal and policy framework used by Missoula County and the City of Missoula to handle disasters and emergencies. It does not give specific operational instructions for any particular event. Those kinds of decisions are left for commanders and other officials to make in light of conditions at the time of an incident. Rather than telling commanders and officials what decisions they must make, the Emergency Operations Plan establishes the environment in which to make those decisions. The current plan was adopted June 13, 2011 at a joint meeting of the Missoula County Commissioners and the Missoula City Council and is available as a PDF document.  The plan consists of three parts:


Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

Pre-disaster mitigation planning is a tool for assessing and prioritizing projects for mitigating damage and casualties from natural disasters. It helps communities focus on the actual risks from hazards by profiling each potential threat and comparing the relative risks between hazards. A thorough profile of hazard history, economic and structural losses, injury and casualties, and the potential for hazards to occur again are analyzed for each hazard. Sometimes historical data provides clues to estimate the potential losses, or hazard zones can be defined to determine where properties and populations are at risk. For other hazards, assessment models have been created to simulate a hazard and the potential damage from the hazard. The goal of the Plan is to assess the relative risks and then have an objective analysis of projects that can most cost-effectively reduce or eliminate risks and their threat to infrastructure, structures, and the population. 


Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan

Through the LEPC, The Office of Emergency Management administers Missoula County's Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan. This three-year rolling plan is updated annually to reflect the priorities and core capabilities the LEPC identifies as areas of focus for training and exercises.


Community Wildfire Protection Plan

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan is a community-based plan focused on identifying and addressing the local threat of wildfire. The CWPP determines what is at risk and provides a roadmap of actions for the community to address its wildfire risk.

Missoula County adopted its first Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) in 2005, which was initiated by the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and incorporated input from numerous stakeholders. Since that time, many changes have occurred across the county, including new housing and roads, fires on the landscape, and forest fuel treatments near communities. These changes can affect the way a community plans for fire and have prompted the need to update the CWPP.

The 2018 CWPP update builds on the expertise and information contained in the 2005 CWPP, and provides important updates, including:

  • re-organization of content to align with national policy and strategies;
  • updated wildfire risk assessment;
  • action table and maintenance plan; and,
  • stakeholders engaged in CWPP activities.