Disaster Donations

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At times of local disaster it may become necessary to request donations to help with recovery efforts. Cash is always the preferred method of donations as this does not need to be cataloged, inventoried and stored and is always useful in purchasing exactly what is needed.

While being appreciative of the sentiment that comes with giving to those in need, please be mindful that unsolicited goods may make an already difficult situation even harder. Many of the items that people kindly donate in times of disaster turn out to be of no use to those in need. Sometimes, they even get in the way of disaster workers doing their job. In large scale disasters these often incomprehensible contributions can constitute what aid workers call "the second disaster."

Please donate wisely and remember that cash is the easiest and best thing that you can give after a disaster.

To make a cash donation, please call _________________.

To donate requested goods, please get in touch with the Salvation Army or call Missoula County's Disaster hotline at 258-INFO (4636).