Wildfire Preparedness

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Topography, vegetation and weather patterns make Missoula County particularly vulnerable to wildfire. There are several resources available to better prepare all Missoula County residents for wildfire. For more information on wildfire preparedness please visit the Fire Adapted Missoula County website. 

  1. Free Wildfire Risk Assessment
    • Available to all Missoula County residents.
    • One-on-one consultation with a local fire professional on how to prepare your land and house for wildfire.
    • For more info and to request a site visit the DNRC fire prevention and preparedness web page.
  2. Missoula County Home Ignition Zone Program
    • Program available for all Missoula County residents in the WUI.
    • Learn about United Way Wildfire Preparedness & Cost-Share Program to assist residents with fuel mitigation and home hardening. This program is in partnership with the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management and the Montana Conservation Corps (MCC).
  3. Fire Department fuel mitigation
    • Two fire departments in Missoula County offer fuel mitigation services: Missoula Rural Fire and Frenchtown Fire.
    • These services are offered to residents that live within each fire district respectively.
  4. The State of Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
    • Service Foresters are available to help private landowners reduce their wildfire risk.
    • Please contact the Missoula Unit of the Southwestern Land Office at 542-4313.


Firewise Home Igntion Zone