Seeley-Swan Search & Rescue

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Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue (SSSAR) is one of two search and rescue units in Missoula County.  SSSAR has primary responsibilities for the Potomac, Seeley Lake, and Condon areas of Missoula County, but is also ready to provide support to the other search and rescue unit, as needed.  The unit operates out of its building located on County property next to the Seeley Lake airport.

SSSAR is comprised of volunteers who meet monthly, as well as holding training sessions throughout the year.  The unit responds when called out by the Sherriff’s office to conduct needed search and rescue activities.  These responses include searches for lost or missing persons, rescue of injured individuals in wildlands, or assistance during events such as wildfires.  Additional activities include providing assistance at events such as community races including the triathlon, Snojoke, cross-country ski events, etc.    

SSSAR is trained and equipped to respond to the various types of search and rescue activities that occur in its operating area.  Training activities include learning operational procedures as well as proper use of the various types of equipment used in search and rescue.  Members of the unit include individuals with expertise in swift water rescue, ice rescue, avalanche searches, lost person searches, and related skills.  The unit works closely with other first response units including the local QRU’s (quick response units) and fire departments. 

Anyone interested in becoming a member of SSSAR is encouraged to do so.  SSSAR can use all types of assistance from active involvement on backcountry searches and rescues, to support activities such as providing logistical and communications support to operations.  Interested individuals are invited to attend the unit’s monthly meeting held at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the unit’s building next to the Seeley Lake airport.  For additional information, contact Gerry Connell (406-210-1150) chief of SSSAR or the Sheriff’s Office.    

  • Missoula County Sheriff's Office SSSAR Meeting

    Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue SSSAR has more than 15 volunteers working in and around the Seeley Swan area.

  • Missoula County Sheriff's Office SSSAR

    Seeley Lake Triathon Seeley Swan Search and Rescue volunteers providing community support for the Seeley Lake Triathlon

  • Missoula County Sheriff's Office - SSSAR Ice Rescue Training

    Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue Volunteers participating in a training exercise

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  • Missoula County Sheriff's Office SSSAR

    Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue Volunteers participating in a training exercise