Search and Rescue

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Search and Rescue operates under the direction of the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office. Because Missoula County has a unique, diverse topography that covers approximately 2,618 square miles, the sheriff’s office utilizes two separate search and rescue units.  One unit, Missoula County Search and Rescue, is based in Missoula while the other unit, Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue, operates out of the Seeley Lake area. While these units train and operate independent of one another, joint training and missions do commonly occur. 

All search and rescue members in this county are volunteers.  These individuals are members of the greater Missoula County community and work hard to make the area safer for all to recreate. 

In the event of an emergency, SAR units are called into action by the Sheriff’s Office.  Areas of specialty include the use of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, jet boats, non-motorized boats, and hiking to access all areas within the county.  The units also have members with high levels of training in avalanche rescue, swiftwater operations, high-angle rope rescue and many members maintain medical licenses.  

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  • Missoula County Sheriff's Office - MCSAR Vehicles

    Search and Rescue Water Rescue Team These vehicles house important equipment used in rescue operations.

  • Missoula County Sheriff's Office - SSSAR Snowmobile Recovery

    Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue Recovering three snowmobiles from Seeley Lake

  • Missoula County Sheriff's Office - MCSAR Swiftwater Training

    Missoula County Search and Rescue Swiftwater training

  • Missoula County Sheriff's Office - SSSAR Ice Rescue Training

    Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue Ice rescue training