Getting Started with Building Permits

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When are Building Permits required:*

       - Additions/Remodels                                                                   - Signs & Fences over 8' in height                     
       - Commercial building projects                                                   - Swimming Pools
       - Decks                                                                                              - Residential or commercial roofing
       - Most new residential construction projects                           - Residential storage buildings & garages over 200 sq. ft.
       - Structural Remodeling

Required Documentation for submittal:

  • A complete, signed Building Permit Application; paper or online submittal
  • Land Use/ Zoning Compliance Permit Application; paper or online submittal
  • 1 hard copy set & 1 electronic set of Drawings/Plans including:
    • Site Plan*
    • Floor Plan: All Rooms and Dimensions labeled

                                   Apply for a  Permit Online

    • Elevations: All Sides of Structures, Lowest Grade Level to Highest peak
    • Footing & Foundation Plan
    • Floor, Wall &  Roof Framing plan
    • Wall Section Detail
    • Engineered Truss Drawings, Truss package including layout
    • Possible Engineering if Required

How to Apply:

Apply ONLINE by clicking HERE and creating an online account. We still need one set of hard copy plans submitted to have onsite for building permits, submitted to our office.


Apply to our office in person with a completed paper application and the necessary required documentation for submittal.

                                                        WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INCOMPLETE SUBMITTAL APPLICATIONS

*This list does not contain all types of work requiring a permit. Please call our office at 406-258-3701 before starting any type of work to determine whether or not you need a permit.