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Public Works Projects

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Big Flat/Deep Creek Geotechnical Study


Deschamps Lane Project

The Road Department completed the first part of Phase I of a long awaited project on Deschamps Lane in October 2018. Last fall, we:

  • Improved site visibility heading west from Roller Coaster Rd spanning in both north and southward directions onto Deschamps Lane.
  • Paved 900' (500' paid for by residents) of Roller Coaster Rd from the Deschamps Lane intersection east to Copter Lane.
  • Paved 400' from the railroad tracks heading south on Deschamps Lane. 
  • Cut into hill on north side of railroad tracks, starting at the tracks and going north 500 feet. 


Construction is complete for 2019!




The second part of phase I is complete!  We continued our work north to Moccasin Ln, squared up road alignment thru to the intersection, and paved.

Proposed Phase II:

  • Straighten s-curve and pave to the LaValle Creek bridge. (Date yet to be determined, based on time, money, regular maintenance priorities, and emergency work issues.)

 Proposed Phase III:

  • Pave from LaValle Creek bridge to Mullan Road and realign the intersection at Mullan Road. (Date yet to be determined, based on time, money, regular maintenance priorities, and emergency work issues.)

We do recognize that temporarily closing portions of Deschamps Lane during construction will cause some people to have to alter their routes to get to their destination. Unfortunately, we not only have to do this to keep workflow moving smoothly and efficiently, we need to ensure the safety of our road crew and the public. The improvements being made have been heavily requested by the public and will ultimately make for a much safer drive.

Deschamps_Roller Coaster-1

Deschamps Ln Project

Updated on 04/09/2020 6:56 PM

Safety Improvement project on Deschamps Ln and Roller Coaster Rd