Monuments and Control

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Missoula County Google Earth - This file contains PLSS corners, street intersection monuments, and a few miscellaneous other monuments we have surveyed and determined NSRS based positions. This file also contains NGS marks: including CORS, HARN, Benchmarks, and others. Do not rely on the positions provided from within Google Earth.     Contact Steve Niday for the most accurate positions.

GPS datasheets - This file contains information about most of the PLSS corners and street intersection monuments. The page number is the point number in the Google Earth file above. Points 1-4999 are primarily street intersections, with a few odd balls thrown in. Points 5000 and above are primarily PLSS corners. There are a few exceptions. WD## points are Water Quality District monitoring wells.

Monument Photos - This file contains photos of many of the points from above. The photo names correspond to the point numbers and follow, more or less, NGS photo naming conventions.

Lake Benchmarks w/Mean Annual High Water Elevations - This file contains the most recent benchmark datasheets. The benchmark datasheets contain information relating to the Missoula County Shoreline Regulations. The Shoreline Regulations govern development adjacent to certain lakes. For more information on the Shoreline Regulations, contact Floodplain Administration.