Staff Directory List

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Tyree, BrandeeMUSAP Cooridinator(406) 258-3021
Tickets - Andersen, StaceyTickets - AndersenJustice Court(406) 258-3215
Tanna, MatthewFile Clerk TraineeClerk of District Court(406) 258-3251
Taylor, RobCaptain Support Services(406) 258-3309
Toenyes, JulieAccountant(406) 258-3377
Townsley, DonnaPublic Safety Comm Officer(406) 258-3471
Training, RoomAdmin Basement(406) 258-3546
Tims, LisaSenior Community Health Spec(406) 258-3894
Tims, LisaP H Emergency Preparedness(406) 258-3894
TANNER, WESSUPERVISOR (Detention Center)Facilities Management(406) 258-4076
Tom, GayleMedical Receptionist(406) 258-4129
Taylor, SusanDental Hygienist(406) 258-4173
Taber, CatherineMedical Receptionist(406) 258-4179
Terrazas, ColleenAdministrative Support(406) 258-4201
Troy, RobinGrants Administrator(406) 258-4435
Thomas, JaniceFinance Director(406) 258-4445
Tester, MikeLand Survey InternPublic Works(406) 258-4823
Tripp, RayShop/Fleet ManagerPublic Works(406) 258-4836
Treasurer Clerk Trainee, TyceTreasurer Clerk Trainee(406) 258-4847
Treasurer Clerk, SonjaTreasurer Clerk(406) 258-4847