Media Releases


The Communications and Projects department frequently distributes information to the media regarding all aspects of County operations. All recent releases are shown below. The same updates are also disseminated on the County's social media channels. We highly encourage you to read our blog, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Please contact Communications Coordinator, Katie Klietz, with questions about these releases or Missoula County's outreach efforts. 

Last Updated: April 24, 2017



April 24, 2017  2017-Commissioners Cancel Certain Special District Board of Trustees Elections, Declare Trustees Elected by Acclamation 
April 11, 2017  Missoula All Hazard Incident Management Team to Test Skills in Wildfire Simulation 
April 7, 2017  Missoula County Commissioners Seeking Applicants for Tom Green Memorial Park Advisory Board 
March 31, 2017  Missoula County Prepares for 2017 Mobile Home Sale 
March 30, 2017 Missoula County Road Issues
March 28, 2017  Election Services Temporarily Moved to Missoula County Fairgrounds 
March 15, 2017  Rising Temperatures Offer Important Reminder to Prepare for Potential Flooding 
February 27, 2017  Missoula County Commissioners Seeking Applicants for Bonner West Log Yard 
February 14, 2017  Missoula County Zoning Updates Promise More Flexibility
February 13, 2017  Missoula County Commissioners Seeking Applicants for Seeley Lake Cemetary Board 
February 2, 2017  Commissioners Seeking Applicants for Library Board Alternate Vacancy 
January 23, 2017  Buena Vista Mobile Home Park to Recieve New Sewer System 
January 20, 2016  Missoula County Fairgrounds Revamps Rental Pricing 
January 18, 2017  Missoula County Commissioners Seeking Applicants for Zoning Board of Adjustment 
January 17, 2017  Missoula County Commissioners Seeking Applicants for Board Positions 
January 9, 2017  Emily Bentley Hired as Missoula County Director of Fairgrounds Development 
January 4, 2017  Edgar S. Paxson Paintings Reinstalled in Missoula County Courthouse 
December 23, 2016  Missoula County Elected Officials to be Sworn In December 29, 2016 
December 6, 2016  Missoula County Approves Bid Packages for Phase 2 of Fort Missoula Regional Park 
November 9, 2016  Commissioners Seeking Applications for the Consolodated City-County Planning Boards 
November 3, 2016  Elections Office Provides Top Five Reminders to Voters before Election Day 
October 31, 2016  Missoula County Elections Office Holding Public Testing 
October 21, 2016  Elections Office to Host Ballot Processing, Security Open House Next Week 
October 19, 2016  Voter Services Provided at the Elections Center at the Fairgrounds 
October 17, 2016  Missoula County to Host Collaborative Care Plan Summit 
September 9, 2016  Commissioners' Meeting Room Open House 
September 7, 2016  Missoula Electric Cooperative to Honor Missoula County 
September 1, 2016  Missoula County, City of Missoula to Host Tenth Anniversary Open Space Bond Celebration 
August 23, 2016  FY 2017 Final Budget Advisory 
August 23, 2016  Clerk of District Court to Launch Online Marriage Applications 
August 12, 2016  Friday Fair Update 
August 11, 2016 Thursday Fair Update 
August 10, 2016  Wednesday Fair Update 
August 2, 2016  South Avenue Bridge Project Informational Meeting 
August 1, 2016  Missoula County Fair Event Committee Recruiting Members 
July 26, 2016  Missoula County 2017 Preliminary Budget Hearings 
July 15, 2016  County, Homeowners Piloting Loan Program for Water, Sewer Districts 
July 13, 2016  Missoula County Awarded Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting